About Us

Before the Children’s Advocacy Center movement began, child victims of abuse were being further traumatized by our system.  You usually had several agencies involved in investigating allegations of child abuse.  As a result of all these agencies being involved, our child victims were being interviewed multiple times about the most personal and tragic events of their lives.

Today, Children’s Advocacy Centers across the nation provide a child friendly environment where all agencies now come to the child.  The child is interviewed by a trained forensic interviewer while investigating agencies view from a monitoring room, and all agency partners involved work together as a team to coordinate their investigations and services for the child and their non-offending family members through the Children’s Advocacy Center.

The Children’s Advocacy Center also provides crisis intervention, individual and group counseling, play therapy, court school, court accompaniment, resource referrals, assistance with crime victim’s compensation paperwork, and personal advocacy.  Our purpose is to lessen the trauma and to help restore hope in the lives of children.

Case Referrals:
All cases that come through the Children’s Advocacy Center must be referred through law enforcement or Child Protective Services in Johnson County, or surrounding counties without Advocacy Centers.

Who We Serve:
We provide services to child victims of sexual abuse, severe physical abuse, and child witnesses to homicides and other violent crimes.  Services may also be provided for children at risk and non-offending family members.

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